New as of August 2016: The Fund is transitioning to an online grants management system. Organizations applying for the Winter Quarter meeting (usually September 14 deadline) are required to submit applications electronically through the new system. Because of these changes, we are changing the deadline for the winter meeting to September 21.
The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund is an Illinois nonprofit corporation organized in 1947 as a general-purpose private foundation. Its mission, while broadened over the years, remains faithful to the intent of its founders, Corinne and Albert Pick, Jr.:
"... to offer a hand when help is needed." 
Today, the Fund is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to approve policy, manage the endowment, and review applications evaluated by the Fund's professional staff.
After deliberating throughout 2012, the Board approved significant changes to both the grantmaking policies and the application form.  While no funding categories were eliminated, the issues eligible for grants in each category have been reduced.  The goals of the more focused approach are to enable the Fund to: develop a deeper expertise in each of the funded issues; have clearer expectations of applicant and grantee organizations; better assess the work of individual grantees after grants are implemented;form stronger working relationships with grantees; have a deeper understanding of their work; and, better gauge the Fund's impact.  We regret that many fine organizations that have received grants from the Fund will no longer be eligible, but we feel our grantmaking will be improved overall through our new approach.
Please note that we occasionally make changes to the grant guidelines. We encourage all applicants to read the guidelines thoroughly to see if there are any changes. Please feel free to contact staff should you have questions.
The Fund considers requests only from nonprofits with offices and separately budgeted programs operating within the City of Chicago.  An exception to this policy applies to those few organizations that fulfill the intent of its founders.  As the Fund receives many more requests than it can fund, it declines to support some organizations that meet its guidelines as well as those that do not.  If offers project support and, in limited instances for smaller or single purpose organizations, general operating assistance.  Grants will generally be $15,000 or more.  The emphasis in all funding categories is on neighborhoods and/or people who are economically disadvantaged.  The Fund is most interested in smaller and neighborhood organizations.  However, we recognize that sometimes larger organizations have the resources or are better positioned to have a more significant impact on an issue. The fund considers support for grantees for up to three years but in special circumstances may consider funding an organization for five years. Multi-year grants will be considered.
All grantees will be required to submit at least one report. The report will discuss progress made in comparison to objectives set in the original request, describe barriers to accomplishing objectives, discuss unexpected results (negative and positive) and provide budget/expenditure information. If a grantee is submitting a renewal grant application, the final report from the previous year should be attached the new proposal.

The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund
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